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5 Tips To Care For Your Tattoos

Christopher Billups
Tattoo Care
Aug 10, 2016

5 Tips To Care For Your Tattoos

So you’ve found the perfect artist, put down your deposit, gone through your consultation, sat through the pain, and walked out of that tattoo studio with the tattoo of your dreams. Now what? Now it’s time to ensure that your gorgeous new piece of artwork stays that way!

You might commission an artist to paint something, but how and where you hang your painting determines how long it will last. The same is all too true for tattoos. Just look at the tattoo by Paul Acker above; the healed photo was taken two years after it was inked, and it still looks incredible.  So here are our top tips to make sure that your tattoo stays bright and beautiful for years to come!

Immediate Aftercare:

Your artist will most likely have tips that may vary, so listen to their advice first.  They’re the artist who knows how to care for their particular tattooing techniques the best, but here are a few basics.

1. Leave your bandage or tattoo covering on for one to three hours after your tattoo is finished. Your artist will instruct you on exactly how long to keep the bandage there.  This process is collecting a lot of the goop, blood, and even ink from the fresh tattoo, so keep it on! You don’t want to ruin any new clothes or overly expose it at first.

2. Make sure to wash your new tattoo several times a day with a soft, non-scented, antibacterial soap (Dial Soap Gold is a great brand to use) to keep it clean and avoid potential infection. Make sure to do this for two to three weeks or until the tattoo is more or less healed.  Remember, never touch your tattoo unless you have just washed your hands!

3. For the first few days (we suggest three days) after washing the tattoo make sure to apply an ointment to keep it hydrated. Great ointments to use that can be picked up at a drug store are A+D or Aquaphor. Use this sparingly! A thin layer is better than drowning the tattoo in goo and will help it heal faster.

4. After the first few days of using ointment switch to a non-scented lotion after you wash your tattoo. Aveeno is a great brand available at drug stores and comes in both large bottles as well as convenient travel sizes, which are perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or purse.

5. For the first two weeks, avoid wearing tight clothing. Otherwise you run the risk of scabbing and ink loss when clothes rub up against your tattoo. If possible, avoid sleeping on your tattoo so you don’t agitate the healing process.

Christopher Billups
CEO Nossta Concepts

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