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Laser Removal

What To Expect

"Remove Tattoos at a Faster Rate Than Ever Before"  

Laser removal uses high intensity light bursts, at specific wavelengths administered as flashes over microseconds or picoseconds depending on which laser you choose.  We offer the latest in technology with the Picosure or the Medlite C6 Q Switched Laser. The machine is dialed into the color of the ink to be removed and adjusted for skin type.  

Treatments are typically 10 minutes or less (depending on size of treatment area).


Similar to how dark surfaces get hot in the sun, The color of the ink absorbs enough energy from the laser wand to be degraded before damaging the tissue around it.  Once photo-degraded, the ink pigments are small enough to be carried away by your bodies dermal capillaries, effectively fading the tattoo without scarring the skin.


The treatment area heals much like a sunburn would.  Because of this, it's important to minimize additional sun exposure during the healing intervals.  (ask about aftercare balms/the numbing systems they have)


The Picosure Laser system we use, Manufactured by Cyanosure, targets individual colors at a time to minimize damage to the skin.  As such, tattoos with multiple colors may take multiple treatments.  

Generally amateur tattoos respond better than professional work, but each case is unique because of the different coloring agents used, the quantity of the ink left behind, and the consistency in depth the ink has been placed in the skin.

Removal Procedure

•    Treatments are typically every 6–8 weeks. Your session provider will tailor a plan specific to you, based on progress made, your skin type, and how well you're healing in between.

•    Cooling, local anesthesia, or a numbing solution may be used to minimize discomfort.  Additional methods may be used during your session as well, but generally this procedure is performed with minimal discomfort.

After your tattoo removal procedure:

•    Treated areas may swell somewhat and turn red (like a sunburn) but generally subsides in a few hours.

•    Between treatments, be sure to keep the area out of the sun and covered.

•    Your technician will give you additional tips for care during your appointment and will set up a time we can contact you on a weekly basis to monitor your healing.